In the wild...

About us:  Seaglass + Sugar Co. was born from two friends who constantly stumbled across something cool and whose conversations usually began with, “OMG, have you seen this?!” After years of consistently being asked, “Where did you get that?!” we decided to take our band on the (online) road and create a go-to spot for fun, unique and lesser-known (but totally rad) items.

We’re continually on the lookout for awesomeness—and we fully vet and use the items in our shop. One of us (who shall remain nameless) has even eaten three entire bags of candy in a row, just to make sure it was that good. (And nameless person says, “It sooo is.”)

The best part? Sharing our favorite things with you gives us an avenue to generate additional dollars to donate to lesser-known organizations doing their part to help people and make the world a better place. Supporting smaller organizations means the dollars we give go directly to those in need (and not grandiose administrative costs).

By shopping at Seaglass + Sugar Co., you’re helping out, too. And having some fun while you do it!

Here’s to happy shopping!