All Natural Laundry Detergent - Lavender scent

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We absolutely love this laundry soap.  It's made in small batches SANS all the ugly stuff, like fillers (blech!), parabens (ick!), phosphates (eww!), chlorine (yuck!) and all things artificial (like colors & fragrances - seriously haven’t we evolved past this yet?)  Have any one in your household with “sensitive” skin?  This detergent is perfect!  

We aren't saying this is magic laundry soap, BUT we can say we were never excited about doing laundry until we put this on our shelf.  

Did you know that lavender is used to combat things like restlessness, insomnia, and depression?  We are always up for anything that helps make doing laundry less depressing. 

Not only safe for your skin, but safe for your septic system & high efficiency washing machine. 

All you need of this magical powder is 1 TBSP per regular size load and just a 1/2 TBSP of if you have a high efficiency machine.  Our 32oz jar will clean a whopping 64-128 loads (all while looking cute sitting on our laundry shelf).  Also available in a 16oz jar.

Ingredients: castile soap (made from coconut oil) sodium bicarbonate, sodium tetraborate, sodium carbonate, organic essential oils.

Customers Say

"This soap makes me feel so good about doing my laundry!  I don't have to worry about chemicals touching my baby's skin."

"I have used this soap before.  The lavender scent is awesome!  It's light and not overpowering."


Q: What is it made from?

A: This soap contains castile soap (made from coconut oil), sodium bicarbonate, sodium tetraborate, sodium carbonate + organic essential oils.

Q: Does it really clean as well as the supermarket brands?

A: Yes!  We were skeptical at first, too, but we find this soap makes our clothing feel even cleaner than commercial brands!