Aqua Handwarmers

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Why do we love it? It’s all about your hands with these gorgeous aqua handwarmers! They’re our favorites for gray Northwest days—it makes us smile to see that flash of real color on our hands. We love that the flower’s made from recycled pop bottles and the handwarmers are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.


Why you’ll want one, too: Effortlessly use your phone, achieve inbox zero and sneak in some Candy Crush with these fingerless handwarmers. Or simply strike envy among all your friends with cold hands.  For extra coziness, wear these with our dark loop scarf.  

Made of 95% Repurposed cotton, 5% spandex.  Recycled pop bottle detail flowers.


Word on the street:

“One of my coworkers tried these on and then tried to convince me that her giving me her latte in exchange for my handwarmers was a fair trade. Even when she offered to buy me mochas for a month, I said no way.”


Real-impact giving back: At Seaglass + Sugar Co., we share our good fortune with small non-profit organizations where donations fund results, not administration. Your purchase means we’ve got more to give.