Chevron-Dog Waste Bag Holder

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We love our furry friends, but let's face it - nobody actually likes picking up their business, right?  At least you now have a cute way to carry their poo bags.  Our small and stylish dog waste bag holder is perfectly formed for carrying a roll of bags.  This carrier has a grommet on the back - simply twist the end of the first bag to fit through the eyelet, and now you're ready to go!    Zinc alloy swivel hook clamps securely onto any leash, belt loop, or handbag strap. Complimentary one roll of refill bags is included.

54% Cotton/46% Linen

CARE: Mild soap, wipe clean.

Customers Say

"I love how this bag holder matches my style!  It beats fishing for a loose doggy bag in your pocket!"

"Thank you for a dog waste holder with a workable zipper!  It's so easy to replace the roll when it's done!"


Q: Is this washable?

A: The best way to clean this is with mild soap and then wipe clean.

Q: Is it big enough to hold other things?

A: This bag is made to very closely fit a roll of dog waste bags - although we do know some who stick a house key and a $10 bill in there, too!