Fuel Mug

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It’s like they say during the airline safety demonstration: “put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others.” Fuel yourself up first!

We know we really love a mug if we hand wash it so we can use it if it’s dirty. Our Fuel mug has yet to see the inside of our dishwasher.

Why you’ll want one, too? Our exclusive sandblasted mugs give a little boost to you’re a.m. coffee with get-it-done retro designs. Microwave and dishwasher safe. 16 ounces.

Word on the street: 

"I got tired of armwrestling my husband over this mug.  We now have two." 

"I love to walk my kids to the school bus in the morning with this mug.  Not only does it make the other parents jealous, but it's the prefect size to last me for the trip!" 


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