Striped Handwarmers

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Why do we love it? These ribbed cotton black and white striped handwarmers give any outfit a splash of sass. We look fantastic while doing some good: the flower’s made from recycled pop bottles! Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.


Why you’ll want one, too: Text, type, talk, carry and corral the kids—you can do it all while wearing these soft, cozy fingerless handwarmers.  They’ll look great scarves, too. Match with our dark loop scarf or mix it up with our exclusive green scarf.


Word on the street:

“My partner runs hot, so our house is always cold. I wear these handwarmers almost all day and they never slow me down, whether I’m working or hanging out.”


Real-impact giving back: At Seaglass + Sugar Co., we share our good fortune with small non-profit organizations where donations fund results, not administration. Your purchase means we’ve got more to give.